First Battle of Guararapes

First Battle of Guararapes
Part of Dutch-Portuguese War
Batalha dos Guararapes.jpg
The Battle of Guararapes
Date19 April 1648
ResultPortuguese victory[1]
 Dutch Republic


Commanders and leaders
Dutch Republic Sigismund van Schoppe (WIA)Portugal Francisco Barreto de Meneses
5 cannons[3]
Casualties and losses
1,000 men killed, wounded or captured[4]
1 cannon captured[5]
80 killed[6]
400 wounded[7]

The First Battle of Guararapes was a battle in a conflict called the Pernambucana Insurrection, between Dutch and Portuguese forces in Pernambuco, in a dispute for the dominion of that part of the Portuguese colony of Brazil.


On April 18, 1648, around forty five hundred Dutch soldiers and five artillery pieces marched south, coming from Recife. On their way south, they eliminated a small defensive outpost on the village of Barreta. The few survivors regrouped at the village of Arraial Novo do Bom Jesus, headquarters of the Pernambucana resistance, where they reported the incident.

Commanders of the resistance called for a march of 2,000 combatants towards the Jaboatão dos Guararapes ("Drums" in native language) Hills against an enemy better equipped and in superior numbers.