First Battle of Salvador da Bahia

Battle of Salvador
Part of Dutch-Portuguese War
DateMay 1638
ResultPortuguese-Spanish victory [1][2]
Portuguese Empire  Spanish Empire Dutch Republic
Commanders and leaders
Giovanni di San Felice
Luís Barbalho
John Maurice, Prince of Nassau-Siegen [3]
Johan van der Mast
1,000 men [4]4,600 men (including 3,600 Dutch and circa 1,000 native allies)
30 ships [5]
Casualties and losses
Light500 men killed and wounded
30 men captured[6]

The First Battle of Salvador was fought during the Dutch-Portuguese War in Brazil between a Dutch West India Company's army under the governor of the Dutch colony in Brazil, John Maurice, Prince of Nassau-Siegen, numbering about 4,600 men supported by 30 ships (led by Johan van der Mast) and the Portuguese and Spanish defenders of the city, commanded by Giovanni di San Felice, Count of Bagnolo, and Luís Barbalho. The battle resulted in a clear victory for the Portuguese and Spanish.