Francisco Salva Campillo

Francisco Salva Campillo (Catalan: Francesc Salvà i Campillo, July 12, 1751 – February 13, 1828) was a Spanish Catalan prominent late-Enlightenment period scientist known for working as a physician, physicist, meteorologist.

Early life and education

Francisco Salva Campillo was born in Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain, on July 12, 1751.[1] He was the son of Dr. Jerome Salvà Pontich, a Staff Physician at Barcelona General Hospital and Eulalia Campillo, his mother came from a wealthy family that worked in the pharmacy industry.[1] During his adolescence, his extraordinary abilities attracted the attention of the Bishop of Barcelona, Josep Climent, who advised his parents to let him study medicine in Valencia.[citation needed]

He studied at the University of Valencia, where he completed his course in three years instead of the usual four. In 1771, he successfully passed the B.Phil. degree in Medicine from the University of Huesca, Spain.[1] He later earned his doctorate in medicine at the University of Toulouse.[1]