La Borinqueña

La Borinqueña

Regional anthem of  Puerto Rico
LyricsManuel Fernández Juncos, 1901[1][2]
MusicFélix Astol Artés, 1867[a] (original version)
Luis Miranda, 1922 (current version)
Adopted1952 (as instrumental)
ReadoptedJuly 27, 1977 (1977-07-27) (with lyrics)
Audio sample
"La Borinqueña" (instrumental)

"La Borinqueña" (English: "The Borinquenian", Spanish pronunciation: [la βoɾiŋˈkeɲa]) is the regional anthem of Puerto Rico.[4]

After Puerto Rico became known as "The Commonwealth of Puerto Rico" in 1952,[5] the first elected governor, Luis Muñoz Marín, signed law #2 of July 24, 1952 that made an altered version of the musical composition known as "La Borinqueña" its regional anthem. The words that go with the composition were approved by governor Carlos Romero Barceló on July 27, 1977 as per law #123.[3]


The title refers to the aboriginal Taíno name for the island of Puerto Rico, Borinquén.