Ordinance may refer to:


  • Ordinance (Belgium), a law adopted by the Brussels Parliament or the Common Community Commission
  • Ordinance (India)
  • Ordinance (university), a particular class of internal legislation in a United Kingdom university
  • Act of Parliament, in some jurisdictions, such as England when the parliament operated without regal sanction
  • By-law, a rule established by an organization to regulate itself
  • Local ordinance, a law made by a municipality or other local authority
  • Northwest Ordinance, July 13, 1787, an act of the Congress of the Confederation of the United States that created the Northwest Territory
  • Ordinance XX, a law passed down in Pakistan which prevents Ahmadi Muslims from being identified as Muslims
  • Ordinances of 1311, a series of regulations imposed upon King Edward II of England
  • Ordonnance in French government, a regulation adopted by the executive in a domain normally reserved for statute law
  • Self-denying Ordinance, passed by the Long Parliament of England on 3 April 1645