Pope Sergius I

Pope Saint

Sergius I
Sergius I.jpg
19th century depiction of Pope Sergius I
Papacy began15 December 687
Papacy ended8 September 701
SuccessorJohn VI
Created cardinal27 June 683
by Pope Leo II
Personal details
Palermo, Sicily, Byzantine Empire
Died(701-09-08)8 September 701 (aged 51)
Previous postCardinal-Priest of Santa Susanna (683–687)
Other popes named Sergius

Pope Sergius I (c. 650 – 8 September 701) was Bishop of Rome from December 15, 687, to his death in 701.[1] He was elected at a time when two rivals, the Archdeacon Paschal and the Archpriest Theodore, were locked in dispute about which of them should become pope.

His papacy was dominated by his response to the Quinisext Council, whose canons he refused to accept. Thereupon the Byzantine Emperor Justinian II ordered Sergius' arrest (as his predecessor Constans II had done with Pope Martin I), but the Roman people and the Italian militia of the Exarch of Ravenna refused to allow the exarch to remove Sergius to Constantinople.

Early life

Sergius I came from an Antiochene Syrian family which had settled at Palermo in Sicily. Sergius left Sicily and arrived in Rome during the pontificate of Pope Adeodatus II. He may have been among the many Sicilian clergy in Rome due to the Islamic Caliphate battles against Sicily in the mid-7th century.[2] Pope Leo II, ordained him cardinal-priest of Santa Susanna on 27 June 683, and he rose through the ranks of the clergy. He remained cardinal-priest of Santa Susanna until his selection as pope.[3][4][5]