President of the Senate of Chile

The President of the Senate of Chile is the highest authority of the Senate of Chile. The position comes after the Ministers of State in the line of succession of the President of Chile in the case of temporary incapacitation or vacancy (Constitution, Art. 29).


The President of the Senate receives no special treatment in the sessions of Senate. However, in the official communications the President holds the title of Excelencia ("Excellency"). He or she is elected, from the body of current Senators, by the members of the Senate, and forms the Mesa de la Corporación (Committee of Chambers [of the Congress]) with the Vice President.

The President's responsibilities include decreeing the summons to the Senate for its sessions, presiding over sessions and directing the debates on the Senate floor, acting as a representative of the Senate by defending its parliamentary jurisdiction and dignity, and presiding over the sessions of the Congreso Pleno (plenary meeting of both chambers).