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Spring cleanup

I just did a major cleanup of the template. It really got bloated with miscellanea over time, which made it practically useless as a guide to exploring the discipline. Some of the recent changes were good--major subjects were previously missing--but the additions were too many and too disorganized. If you compare the state of the template from right before yesterday's edits [1] with how it looked about a year ago (see below on the right), it is clear that the more minimal version makes for a much better navigation template. This is because specialists in sociology are unlikely to use this template for much--they already know the layout of the field, and can go directly to the specific topics that concern them. On the other hand, an interested reader who is not versed in the discipline could have used the more minimal version of the template to survey the major areas of the discipline and get a summary of its major contributions. While the newer version was far more comprehensive, it was unclear that anyone would have made use of that fact. My guess is that, while still not useful to specialists, it would have been too foreboding and disorganized to be useful for non-specialists. Had non-specialists attempted using it, however, it would have quickly taken them to some topics that are quite esoteric, as well as to others that have no direct connection to sociology at all. I think they would have quickly given up on using this template altogether.

So, my goal in the cleanup was two-fold: first, I wanted to keep the most useful updates from the newer version of the template. These were key topics such as class and mobility that were missing from the older template. But second, I wanted to return the template to its far more usable (and aesthetically appealing) slimmer format. In the process, I (by necessity) made a number calls about what to keep and what to leave out that fell into a gray area. If you think I kept out anything that could qualify as a key sociological subject, then please put it back in. But please, keep in mind that only an a well-organized and minimal template is useful! Let's work together to keep it from being bloated again.

DarwinPeacock (talk) 03:36, 5 April 2010 (UTC)